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Oogly googly!!!!!
One day, while in a hurry to search some plug-ins for eclipse.... i typed in the link instead of and was quite surprised as well as attracted by the catchy line “Because of the economy g has been dropped”!!! The rest of the look was entirely similar to that of
First instinct was that wo!!! what is google up to but then one of my friends showed me the copyright mark which stated this website had nothing to do with google... then I just searched about this site and found the following written in a blog...
“ is a search engine. It is like, but uses to
answer or search for whatever you type into it's search bar. For example;
If I were to type Cat in the search bar, and hit enter, near the top left
corner of the page, there is the logo for, and the word Cat is in
the Ask search bar. It basically turns into” .
Oogle is just one letter short of google. Happy mistyping and oogling.....
All thanx to confused Public, is a top 10,000 site that reaches over 287K U.S. monthly people, and is ranked at 5612 (as per
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