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Flashback Tata Crucible Quiz Part 2

1. What is Gautier, the chain of furniture stores now known as ?
2. What is Mascot Systems now known as?
3. What is the number mentioned on the licence of JRD?
4. Which airline’s in-flight mag is known as Krisworld?
5. ‘Money plant’ is the ATM network of which bank?
6. Where would you find a publication by the name Brew Print?
7. What mag was started by Bob Guccione in 1965?
8. Kosbi is a popular index of which country?
9. “A lot can happen over coffe” says who?

PS: Please don't reply back, I am just helping those new-comer, who in the past have mail me to give 'a taste of Tata Crucible', so do the googling yourself....
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