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The 2009 Index of Economic Freedom

Hong Kong returned to occupy its top-spot for the 15th consecutive time, in the ‘Index of Economic Freedom’.

WTF this ranking is all about?
This ranking/study is done by the Heritage Foundation and the "Wall Street Journal.", to quote them
We measure ten components of economic freedom, assigning a grade in each using a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 represents the maximum freedom. The ten component scores are then averaged to give an overall economic freedom score for each country. The ten components of economic freedom are:
Business Freedom | Trade Freedom | Fiscal Freedom | Government Size | Monetary Freedom | Investment Freedom | Financial Freedom | Property rights | Freedom from Corruption | Labor Freedom

Where are we (Indian?)
Very well placed at 123th spot out of 183 nations, doing well against China, Nepal, Niger etc etc . Anyway we can say that like any other ranking , this is also of dubious nature, reason is simple: Pakistan is placed at 102.

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