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now tht we have had a gud no.of "gyaan posts" published its time for a quiz pls send in the answers to

Q.1.What are Geo Merlin, Total 90 Aerow, Hi-Vis, Total 90 Aerow II, Total 90 Omni.

Q.2.From the world of information technology which very important non-profit corporation that was created on September 18, 1998 is head quartered in Marina Del Rey, California, United States.Its mission - "for charitable and public purposes"

Q.3.The company was founded by brothers, Joe and Jeff, they found the name in a dictionary won in a race by Joe as a boy; the dictionary was a South African edition, hence the spelling.

Q.4.The term was coined by sociologist Amitai Etzioni, and appeared in the Washingto Post on August 24, 1986 in the article “____ are Bad for Kids“.The term was popularized by Douglas Coupland's 1991 novel Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture, described therein as "a low-pay, low-prestige, low-dignity, low benefit, no-future job in the service sector

Q.5.This HR/LR term derives from the practice of English bobbies, who would do this kind of activity which the term represents when they noticed the commission of a crime.

Q.6.It is the oldest surviving major international organisation of its kind since created in 1951 by Eric Morley in the United Kingdom.Besides raising millions of pounds through its banner 'Beauty with a Purpose' program, this organisation is also credited with directly influencing a dramatic increase in tourism in Sanya, China.

Q.7. It was created under a contract to the United States Department of Defense's US Navy Special Projects Office in 1958 as part of the Polaris mobile submarine-launched ballistic missile project by Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. This project was a direct response to the Sputnik crisis.Every Management graduate would know this

Q.8.The club's Latin motto “Arte et labore", which was used by the town council before the club were formed, literally translated means "by art and by labour".

Q.9.The pair first met in Milan in 1980, while working as assistants in an atelier. They started business together in 1982, and continued freelance designing for others.In 1985, they made their name together when the organisers of the Milano Collezioni invited them to take part in a fashion show to launch "New Talents“.In 1986, they presented their first independent women's ready-to-wear show that won international.Their first boutique opened in 1989 in Tokyo, Japan. With subsequent openings in Milan and Hong Kong.Which pair

Q.10.The hardware device was developed by a team led by Gregg Zehr and the software package was developed by a team led by Thomas Ryan. The combined team was based in Cupertino and was known as Lab126 during product development

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