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Desi Brand

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Desi Brand

1. It was a modest beginning -- from a roadside stall in the 'Moti Bazar' of the heart of the walled city. The Delhiwallas relished their Bikaneri Bhujia and Rasogollas and they fast grew to a regular sweets shop in the historic Chandni Chowk. Soon the love and affection of Delhiwallas earned them the name


2. It was started in year 1937, when Mr Agarwal set up shop in Bikaner. Incidentally, he was not the first to make bhujias. The credit for that, according to history, goes to Tansukhadas, his grandfather.


3. The Ad campaigns of this brand showed footballer players and athletes using it and the jingle followed made it a product for the male. [this is not a desi brand]


Name Game

4. This company was founded by Joyce, son of George and brother of Rollie and William. In India ITC along with a Delhi based Company is their major competitor, which company? [No Marks if you require anymore hints]


5. Name of this brand was a combination of surname of the founder and their foreign partner (containing first four alphabets in that order). Presently the foreign brand is own by another company (owned by some Jain) and endorsed by Big-B?


6. , is the official website of a company , where X is the starting letter of the brand and YYYY is the year of it’s formation. [ YYYY was a leap year starting on Tuesday & a Good year for ____( as this company ad line says ]

Kronenbourg 1664


7. Connect:

[1 pt for naming the connection & 3 pt for giving detail answer]


8. Logo:

[Alphabet== Industry]

'Wallop' is an Internet social network service that originated from Microsoft Research.

9. Identify the two brothers?


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