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Tata Crucibles 2012 Campus Quiz Chennai

We are getting great favour from our old friends and hence we are in position to share with you all another set of this year's Tata Crucible QuiZ Qts.

Contributed by G B Jayakumar & S.Barathan (our regular Chennai Reporter!!!)

Round 1-Smarter World
1. Denmark lags behind other European Countries in Humanity index, the Danish government in order to increase life expectancy came with a tax.

2. Proposed by Masahiro Mori, Uncanny Valley. Something released in 2011 made this concept popular.

3. Book by Sarah Gay Fordon, subtitled as –Sensational Story of Murder, Madness and Geek

4. According to Dilbert, ----------- is a term epitomizes Joy of Criticizing other people work

5. -------- company started by Amit Judge, It has loyalty programme called Bean-o-holic, it is acquired by Global Coffee Chain

6. This Brand celebrates a century of existence by Blue Pots

Round 2-Sharper World
1. Photo of Computer,After whom is this computer names after.
2. Who is the publisher

3. Photo of Nike Shoes –This is replica of Shoes featured in Famous movie

4. Photo of Horse-This Breed shares its name from business community India

5. Iconic photo 0f 1905.(Clue-To promote brand of Newspaper)

6. Sanjeev Narula-Started a Branded entity to cater the Kids segment

Round 3-Tata World
1. Tata Steel …

2. Inspired by Indian Art forms Titan came out with

3. In 1946, Tatas entered in collaboration with Marshal,Gansborough and Govt of India to manufacture first 9500--------

4. Mazbooth and Bandi-ISWP.Expand ISWP if IS stands for Indian Steel

Round 4-Lateral World
1. Photo of Chrsyler+V.K Menon+ +

2. Chromium Symbol+Nothing but Web+ +

3. Make Money Easy + Vikram Song+ +

4. Photo of Book-Story of Blix and Blee+ Gurucharan Das+ Photo of one of the Founder of P&G+ +

Round 5-Faster World
• In 1988, Mike Baker of these companies made a decision to ….
• Gyan Mudra has it logo
• Acquired Morajee Goculdas Spinning and Weaving

• Devayani Foods industries, owners of Cream Bell, Largest bottler of PepsiCo
• YUM Restaurants-Pizza Hut
• Along with his Dhara, envisioned Delhi Public School

• Business started by Jermiah, Isaac and John
• Owns brands like Strepsils, Durex, Veet, Vanish and Scholls.
• Headed by Rakesh Kapoor

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