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Limca Book of Records Quiz Delhi 2011

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1)new delhi is home to 2 unesco world heritage sites one being the qutub minar what is the other?
Answer--Humayun's Tomb
2)to which country does the world's longest-serving current (royal) head of state belong?
3)what is the p in http?
4)Polar bears hibernate.True or False.
5)which Nobel prize has been given continuously since its inception(no year in which noone received the prize)
Answer--Nobel prize for Economics
6)who holds the record for the most no. of sixes in Champions League T20?
Answer--Virat Kohli
7)Sir William Herschel disovered which planet using a handheld reflecting telescope in 1781?
8)Who is the current leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha?
Answer--Shri Arun Jaitley
9)This is the year of the____________________(chinese calendar)?
Answer--Rabbit or Hare
10)Buzz Aldrin has a Guest appearance in which 2011 action film?
Answer--Transformers Dark of the moon
11)Which color derives its name from the Greek word for "Indian dye"?
(the image given was different and a lot more difficult to identify)
Answer--Novak Djokovic
13)Which famous play by Shakespeare has the lines--"In sooth, I know not why I am so sad."? 
Options--Merchant of venice,as you like it,macbeth
Answer--Merchant of Venice
14)Identifying voice--
Answer was Jairam Ramesh
Answer--Kate or Catherine Middleton or Duchess of Cambridge
16)my first and middle name is Kisan Baburao--
Answer--Anna Hazare
17)Identify the flower--
18)Salman Khan's production hosue is known as SKBH with Sk being evident but what is BH?
Answer--Being Human

I will post more as i remember now come questions from Finals--
1)First non governmental organisation to join Twitter--
Indian Post
First Telephone made by Alexander Graham Bell(prototype)
3)Which character from well know triology of novels goes to Albert Mission School?
Swami from Swami and Friends by Rk Narayanan
4)Who bowled the first ball in the world cup?(maybe for india)
Madan Lal
5)THe Danjon Scale is used to meaure what natural phenomena with L=0 being Very dark almost invisible and L=4 being Very bright copper-red or orange?
Lunar Eclipse
6)Reykjavík is the world's Northernmost capital which is the Southernmost?
Wellington,New Zealand
7)First t20 international match was held between asutralia and england.Serious or joking.
Answer-Joking(Australia and New Zealand)

1st New era public school
2nd Springdales Public School
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