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Tata Crucible corporate Round Kolkata 2011 by Debasish Mukherjee

Pls find below a review & the questions & answers of the TATA Crucible corporate quiz 2011 held yesterday in Kolkata.
In the tata track mjunction represented by the undersigned & Rajiv Chatterjee won for the 4th time in a row.TCS Kolkata represented by Sudip Kalyan Dey & Abhishek Das had to remain content for a third year in a row with the runners up spot.Those watching the crucible over the years know that this has become a contest to watch with the margin of victory in the last 3 years being 10 points at the maximum.TCS had to remain second with a total of 60 points which i think would be sufficient to win the crucible in at least 5 centres.My heart goes out to the TCS team who would definately bounce back & win not only the Kolkata final but the National final in the future.
In the external track ITC represented by Tanmay Prusty & Abhijit Bhattacharya went on to win followed by HDPI represented by Anirvan Bhadra & Sourav Deoras who second in a pulsating contest that almost went to the wire.ITC won the quiz with a blistering display in the last round.

Pls find below the questions & answers of the TATA Crucible corporate quiz 2011 held yesterday in Kolkata.

1. Which premier production unit of Indian Railway is named after a prominent patriot who defended Sri Aurobindo Ghosh in the Alipore Bomb conspiracy case of 1909?
2. Coco Chanel designed the Little Black Dress. In which well known magazine did the LBD first appear?
3. The few exceptions to this theory include 1989 invasion of Panama, Nato Bombing of Serbia & the conflict in South Ossetia in 2008.Which famous theory?
4. Rajendra Powar has taken over as the Chairman of which organization?
5. He was a former adman having worked with Clarion & McCann. He also served as the director of Publicity of Air India (1970-81). He designs clothes along with his wife under the label Kotwara?
6. Which Indian Sporting celebrity is the MD of Big Daddy Productions?
7. Junior, Standard, AP and Super are models of _______ from Porsche?
8. RED (Real Estate Development) is an initiative from which corporate house?
9. Which auto brand was renamed to a name ending in ‘O’ in-line with the company policy of naming its brands with words ending in O?
10. Management Guru with 100 patents was responsible for changing the rules of baseball so that Pitchers threw overarm rather than underarm?
11. This was founded in 1923 in Gorakhpur by Jaya Dayal Goyandka to publish hindu religious texts?
12. An animated character ‘Horatio’ (voiced by Owen Wilson) is the new brand ambassador of which auto company. He is said to guide the passengers of?
13. Armani Casa is the global leader in the luxury interiors market. What does Casa mean in Italian?
14. Name the Japanese company that began selling and distributing dutch company Oce’s printing products in India and owns 90% in it.
15. This company launched an online naming competition ‘The Name Game’ inviting customers to name their new logo. ‘Hug’ and ‘Curve’ was voted out. What was chosen?

16. Pic showing Dhoni holding man of the match of final and yuvraj holding the player of the tournament award in the recently concluded cricket world cup. Sweet Memories Which company designed these trophies?
17. Traf-O-Data was a partnership between Paul Gilbert, ---------- & ----------- to read the raw data counters & create reports for traffic engineers. Who are --------& ---------?
18. This beer changed its tagline from ‘Probably the best lager in the world’ to ‘That calls for a ______’
19. After working in a variety of jobs like a mail clerk & a railroad labour crew he joined Dupont in 1937 & worked for 1 year. Based on his learnings in dupont Earl ____, founded a company which bears his name?
20. Pic of bald management guru also consultant to TATA Steel.
21 Who in Latin America refer to themselves as Harlistas?
22 This TV personality ventured into the vodka business to outdo his friends at grey goose. The venture failed and he replied by saying ‘My vodka got fired’
23 Tenvic, a venture for promoting sports education and training is headed by whom?
24 Divya Yog Mandir and Patanjili Yogpeeth have started ‘Science’ campus under guidance of which famous personality?
25 Mumbai Based Prosearch consulting is a sports based communication consultancy run by a husband & wife duo. If the wife is Anita who is the more famous husband.?


1. Chittaranjan locomotive Works
2. American Vogue
3. Golden Arches theory of Conflict prevention(McDonald’s Theory), propounded by Thomas L friedman in The lexus & the olive tree
5. Muzaffar Ali
6. Mahesh Bhupathy
7. Tractors
9. Logan, renamed to Verito
10. Frederick Winslow Taylor
11. Gita Press
12. Hertz
13. Home
14. Canon
15. Wave (Airtel’s new logo)
16. Swarovski
17. Bill Gates and Paul Allen
18. Carlsberg.
19. Tupperware.
20. Seth Godin
21.Harley Davidson riders.
22. Donald Trump
23. Anil Kumble
24. Baba Ramdev
25. Anita and Harsh Bhogle.

Pls find below the questions & answers of the TATA Crucible TATA Track
corporate quiz 2011 held yesterday in Kolkata.

The cutoff for the Tata Track was 14 on a tie breaker.


1. Worlds oldest marathon sponsored by TCS- Boston

2. .CH top level domain name of which country – Switzerland stands for
Confederation Helvetica

3. Lt. John McCready – Rayban

4. ‘Pitch Invasion’ – Book chronicling which 2 brothers business life –
Dassler Brothers

5. Scurry Award Winner – 2010 Change Leadership award for creating a new
market segment – GINGER Hotels

6. US Ambassador to India (1961 – 63) – John Kenneth Galbraith

7. Project Pink by Microsoft – KIN mobile phone


1. Picture of Mid Summer Cut Price Sale at Indian City which inspired Big
Bazaar’s sale strategy – HIGGINBOTHAMS

2. Picture of Marathi Magazine cover Mamik in Devanagri Bhanga Hasya was
written– Founded by BAL THACKERAY

3. Predecessor to L’EQUIPE holds which event – TOUR DE FRANCE (L’Auto)

4. Logo of SILK AIR

5. Prince Arthur – 3rd son of Queen Victoria – Something in India named
after his title – CONNAUGHT PLACE (Duke of Connaught)

6. Ratan Tata pic – Inauguration of TATA MEDICAL CENTRE


1. Logos of MICROSOFT products – Silverlight/Visual Studio/ProSynth

2. Pictures of all yesteryear heads of ITC- Ajit Haskar/K.L.Chugh &

3. All brands of Britannia- Timepass/NiceTime/

4. Pictures of magazine covers of MAN and The Week and Radio Mangoes –

One round with MCQ – Three statements were given & you had to pick the
wrong one

This is a new round introduced in place of TATA world for the internal

Wrong statements were as follows

1.Infosys runs spectramind

2. Malcolm Gladwell wrote Fish

3. NRM was appointed it adviser to Arnold Schwarznagger

1. ‘Out of Crisis’ – Author – Big name in QC a global quality award is
named after him – DEMING

2. HQ called Bush House – BBC

3. Full form of RS in Skoda RS – Rally Sports

4. Farokh Engineer/Kirmani/Kapil Dev were rejected – a Pakistani cricketer
was picked for what? CINTHOL (Imran Khan)

5. They were first known as Jasper & Jinx.How are they known now – TOM and JERRY
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