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Mind Game: Archive::QM:- Sudip Roy Part 1

1.what is the single word in Sanskrit / Bengali to describe heaven and earth together ?

2.In one of the Indian epics, One character married the girl who his cousin loved and wanted to marry. The son of the cousin however was a close ally of the uncle. Name the three.

3.Rabindranath Tagore was keen on sports like jujitsu, gymnastics.... even football, but not much is known about his liking for the game of cricket. Poet's active interest in cricket is recorded to have lasted only for 3 months in the year 1898 at the ripe age of 37 when his elder brother Satyendranath tried to initiate him to this game. however Tagore got injured in a practice session at a ground opposite his elder brother's residence in Ballygunge and that was the end of his active interest in the game. Nevertheless, in the Ashad issue of the magazine 'masik basumati', in the bengali year 1362, a story entitled 'kabigurur crickret khela' was published where Tagore was potrayed to have played a cricket match in a team called 'Tagore Wanderer's' comprising of the then bidyotjans against a team of 'princes eleven' comprising of then maharajas and princes. while Rabindranath led his team, Who in the story led the princes team ?

4.coming to word play, which cardinal number in Tamizh is synonymous to 'alongwith' in another north indian language ?

5. which surname of bengalis is shapeless and white in taamizh
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