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Mind Game: Archive::QM:- Sneha Jha Part-1

1.X adopted the famous pseudonym after a stint of imprisonment ,as an anagram of the Latinized spelling of the original surname and the initial letters of 'le jeune' meaning 'the younger').The name also echoes in reverse order the syllables of the name of a family chateau, which is now a museum. The town of Ferney, where X lived out the last 20 years, is now named Ferney-X in honor of its most famous resident. Also famous are X's last words were: "Now, now, my good man, this is not the time for making enemies." Identify X.

2.Born as Angelina Yeoward, she was one of the first performers to record music on the first 78 rpm gramophone record in India. She has recorded in more than ten languages including Bengali, Hindustani, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Arabic, Persian, Pushto, French, and English.She popularised light Hindustani classical music and also the technique of condensing performing the elaborate melody Hindustani classical style to just three and a half minutes. She gave her maiden performance at the royal courts of Darbhanga Raj. She was famously invited to perform at the coronation of King George V at Delhi Durbar. What is she better known as?

3.X was given the nickname Y for being as soft as silk at birth. The nick Y became popular thanks to X's father, when he named their house after Y. He also wrote a set of five different books comprising of tales from Panchatantra and named it after Y as the stories were written as narrated to X as a kid. X? Y?

4.The symbol X is a common substitute for the English word Y and is a ligature of the letters in the Latin word for Y.Through popular etymology, it has been claimed that the French physicist Ampere used X in his widely read publications, and that people began calling the new symbol "Ampere's Y". X and Y please.

5.X spent forty-five years of his life on travels away from his home. He became a buddhist monk and eventually took up Marxist Socialism. He was also an Indian nationalist, having been arrested and jailed for three years for creating anti-British writings and speeches.Although he did not have any formal education, in view of his knowledge and command over the subject, University of Leningrad appointed him Professor of Indology in 1937-38 and again in 1947-48. Identify X.
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