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Mind Game: Archive::QM:- Aniruddha Dutta Part-1

1. It is the world's oldest extant international organization. Its authority comes from agreements made at the Congress of Vienna, held in 1815 in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars. This agreement still governs the principles of the organization today. Then, as now, the member states are Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Switzerland. The United States was temporarily a member immediately after World War II, while Germany was under Allied occupation. Which organization?

2. It is one of the tallest hills in the area (the third highest in fact). Named after the wife of Robert Christopher Tytler, a British soldier, naturalist and photographer, it was originally a site for a sanatorium for convicts. However, a murder close to the hill in 1872 led to the abandonment of such a plan. It is now a National Park and enthusiasts enjoy a trek to this place. Name this hill.

3. In 1991, Sanjeev Narula, a young graduate set up a small unit with 25 sewing machines in Delhi’s Govindpuri area. He employed four people and hired tailors on contract to take up fabrication work for exporters. It required an investment of USD 2,300 which came from his own savings and as a loan from his father. He closed 1990-91 with a turnover of USD 18,300 and it proved to be a turning point. From 25 sewing machines in a dingy workshop to five manufacturing units in Delhi/NCR, with over 4000 state of the art machines and over 8500 skilled workforce producing 1 million units per month, Sanjeev Narula's venture is all set to uphold its cult status in times to come.

4. The college motto is from Proverbs 3:35 in the Vulgate: Gloriam Sapientes Possidebunt, "wise shall possess glory." King Frederick VI , the King of Denmark granted a royal charter in 1827 that made the college a degree-granting institution. The founders, in the prospectus, proposed a new "College for the instruction of Asiatic, Christian, and other youth in Eastern literature and European science". Identify.

5. Govardhan and Kanwarjit are the first names of two FTII graduates, who achieved success in the Indian Film Industry (moderate success). However, they are known by their last names only. Identify.
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