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Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011 Varanasi Edition

Compiled By – Rishabh Jain(XI), Drona Vatsyayan(XI)

1. Which of these is not a Computer Graphic Extension ?? A .jpg B. gif C .xls
Ans – C . xls
2. What is common between Dadabhai Naroji, George Yule and Baddhrudin Tayobji
Ans –Indian National Congress Presidents
3. Where is the headquarter of SAARC situated ??
Ans – Kathmandu, Nepal
4. Which was the first Sanskrit work to be translated into Sanskrit ?? A-Bhagvad Gita B- Rigveda C- Ans – Ramayana
5. Who was the First British queen to appear on stamp ?
Ans – Queen Victoria
6. Lucknow’s Airport is named after which Prime Minister, who never faced parliament ??
Ans – Chaudary Charan Singh
7. Musky Rat, Tree, Red , Gray is a species of which animal ?? A- Kangaroo B- monkey C- Bear Ans – A-Kangaroo
8. Bhut Jholatia…became the hottest chilly ( it was somewhat like this )
9. The Bibi Ka Maqbara was the Mausoleum of which mughal Emperor ?? Ans – Aurangzeb
10. Like Indian Rupee is divided into 100 Paise…how is an Srilankan Rupee divided in ??? A- Cents B-Dimes C-paise Ans - Cents
11. In Nov 2010, Whose visit to India became the most searched item on the google ?? Ans – Barrack Obama
12. “Why War? “ is a book written by – A- Adolf Hitler B- Winston Churchill C-
Albert einstien Ans – Albert Einstien
13. Which team did Saurav Ganguly represented in IPL 4 – Ans – Sahara Pune Warrior
14. What is “B” in USB ?? Ans – Bus
15. Which king was crowned on 12th April 1801, in Baisakhi ?? Ans – Ranjit Singh
16. Last women to win Bharat Ratna ?? Ans – Lata Mangeshkar
17. The name of which Famous style of painiting originally come from the Sanskrit word of “CANVAS” and “PICTURE” ?? Ans – PatraChitra
18. Indian Film Director Got the award from Switzerland…..for his love for the scenic beauty….. Ans – Yash Chopra
19. A knee length Coat buttoned in front ? worn in south Asia – Achkan
20. Akhal takth express combines Kolkata with which Indian city ??? Ans – Amritsar
21. Small Ville was the home town of?? Ans - Superman
22. First element to be discovered by radiochemical Analysis – A- Radium B- Polonium C- Uranium Ans - Polonium
23. What does Dragon on the Flag of Bhutan hold ?? A- Olive Leaf B- Jewel C- Rice Ans - Jewel
24. In 1904, he setup a “phoenix Farm “ in Durban. After reading John Ruskin’s “unto this last ? “
25. In which geographical feature covers 27 % land surface and 80% of planet’s freshwater comes from here Ans – Mountain (however many of you would have thought of Glaciers but it is not so)
26. Identify – BlueJay
27. Identify – Ravi Boppana
28. Identify the voice – Pranab Mukherjee
29. Identify the Movie – Humko Pyar hua was played.
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