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Brain Storm Quiz Series by Gaurav Sharma part 1

Gaurav Sharma run a quiz blog and will be cross-posting his quizzes on BIZDOM, however for the current week quiz please visit his blog.

  1.  Which is the country with the highest POPULATION DENSITY? 
  2.  ID The Image!
  3. What is the original meaning of QUIZ?
  4. Which is the only country with no cinema theaters?
  5. Who is the CEO of GOOGLE
  6. ID The individual
  7. The speed of a computer mouse is measured in which unit?
  8. Which is the longest word in the english language with each letter is used atleast 2 times?
  9. ID the individual
  10. ID the Machine 
  11. ID the Individual
  12. Id the Indiviadual 
  13. Id the structure 
  14. Id the structure 
  15. Id the individual
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