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Brand identity eludes Lokta Paper at home

Lokta paper — an internationally registered brand as Nepal Lokta — lacks its identity at home.

Nepal Lokta is a registered brand in the European Union for quality control since 2008, however, not yet been registered in the domestic market.

Lack of trade mark registration in the domestic market has become a major threat to Nepali handmade paper.

The association has started the process of registering the brand ‘Nepal Lokta’ as Nepali handmade paper is facing price competition with similar products from China, India and Thailand recently.

But it is one of the key products that has potential to alleviate poverty in the remote hilly districts. “More rural women from the remote districts are involved in the Lokta production,” the association said, adding that government could exploit the product for the benefit of the rural masses.

Nepali handmade paper is a unique product made from Lokta. It is strong and durable and has inherent natural resistance to worms and insects. The raw paper is produced in more than 22 districts but the finished product of Lokta can be produced in Kathmandu Valley and Janakpur only.
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