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Desi Brand

Google Picks Rosa Parks Over World AIDS Day, World Still Spinning

Google paid tribute to Rosa Parks today with an illustration of a group of multi-shaded children running off a school bus, showing just how far we've come in only 55 years (can you believe it?). Fifty-five years ago today, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white passenger, leading to her arrest that started the 381-day boycott of the Montgomery, Alabama bus line, changing history forever.
Heroic doesn't even begin to describe this woman's actions. And it's wonderful that Google would honor her with the most sacred of all technological symbols: the Google Doodle.
The Google logo, which is what millions of folks see every day when they start up their Internet, has been the topic of much discussion, the stuff a techie geek's dreams are made of. But some are crying foul over this particular Doodle. Well, it's because Google seems to have paid no attention World AIDS Day. Alas, not a single red ribbon appears anywhere on the Google homepage. No mention of AIDS of any kind!
But guess who did?

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