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'Mobiles for millions of women'

A new initiative championed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the wife of the former British Prime Minister, Cherie Blair, aims to bring mobile phone technology and services to 150m women worldwide.
The mWomen initiative hopes to close the technology gap between men and women in developing countries.
It is estimated that, in the Third World, around 300 million more men own mobile phones than women, and the aim of the scheme is to get mobile devices in to the hands of another 150 million women.
"Mobile phones have led a remarkable communications revolution, extending and improving the way people connect with each other,” said Mrs Blair.
“Over nine out of 10 women we surveyed felt safer because of their mobile phone, and 85 per cent said they felt more independent while over 55 per cent of business owners reported that they have earned additional income [through the use of a mobile phone]."
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