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KFC places 'Double Down' ad campaign on girls' butts‎

KFC is getting creative, but taking some heat, for their latest ad campaign by using the backsides of female college students.
KFC wants to advertise its bunless burger on the buns of college girls. On select U.S. college campuses, girls will be given Double Down sweat pants to encourage them and others to try the sandwich KFC launched earlier this year.

The Double Down has two pieces of chicken -- breaded or grilled -- which serve as the bread. Between the chicken there is bacon, cheese and sauce. KFC says calorie-wise, the sandwich is similar to many burgers at other fast food restaurants. This campaign was launched on the Spalding University campus in Louisville, where KFC is headquartered.

KFC launched the initiative this week in Louisville, Ky., where brand ambassadors sporting the one-of-a-kind Double Down clothing attracted fellow students across campus with KFC gift certificates. Female students interested in becoming ambassadors at their schools may contact KFC on the company’s Facebook page ( KFC will select students at three additional campuses and outfit them with the customized sweat pants, KFC gift checks to distribute and a $500 stipend for their involvement.

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