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Advertising campaigns at FIFA World Cup 2010

Coca-Cola reflects on the past in its first TV commercial ‘History of celebration’ for the World Cup. The company brings back Roger Miller as the first African player to score at the World Cup. ‘Quest’ is the title of the next phase created for online by WPP’s Argentinian agency Santo and production company Paranoid US. General creative directors Maximiliano Anselmo, Pablo Minces and Sebastian Wilhelm are behind the ad which features a boy apparently unaware of how to celebrate.
Sony announced on 8 April that it is offering 25 World Cup games in 3D. In the UK people are asked to trade in their old TV sets in order to experience the World Cup in full force. ‘Retirement home’ commercial for Sony UK which sees former English football managers Terry Venables and Graham Taylor still enjoying the World Cup in their old age. Stereotypically, the nurses all look as good as model Kelly Brook. To give the patriotic hearts of the British people a punch, ex-Scotland player Kenny Dalglish comes into the scene chanting for the ‘USA’ at the end of the commercial.
In addition to their global 'Go Football' commercial, Visa Europe also launched a TV ad ‘Evolution’. The commercial features a chubby man inspired by a dance move during a football game. He sets out on his own to do the same, grabs his visa card and races on a mission through cities and countrysides until he reaches the soccer field and scores a goal.
The love spreads contagiously across the world as people swop pets, wigs and more. A guy accidentally swops his Budweiser with a pretty lady in a bar which compels the bartender to save the day and give him a new one.
This Nike campaign calls on footballers Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo along with special guests Roger Federer, Kobe Bryant and Homer Simpson. 
ESPN’s campaign is titled ‘One game changes everything’. ‘Robben Island’ explores what football means to the prisoners on the island off the coast of Cape Town in South Africa. The game brings hope to the inmates who received permission to set up their own football association in 1965.
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