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History of Architect and Architecture (western)

The first Biblical reference to an architect is Bezalel, described in Exodus 36-38 as the architect of Tabernacle as well as teacher of arts.
Bezalel (Exodus 31:1-11) was a leader who constructed and decorated the tabernacle in the wilderness detailed by Divine plan communicated to Moses on Mount Sinai.
He was highly talented as a worker, showing great skill and originality in precious metals and stones.
Today, Bezalel Academy is based at Jerusalem in 1906 by sculptor Boris Schatz. Their mission was said to develop non charitable useful arts and crafts among Jews within the country, which in turn designs where developed within the scope of all the indigenous inhabitants; which are historically Jewish in origin.

Ancient architects created a variety of structures to serve various needs and most important were the temples. Other public building were stadia for athletic, dramatic and musical events.
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