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Tata Crucible Campus Quiz - International Finals 2010

Dear All,
Thanks to some visa problems for the Singapore teams in Mumbai,Delhi got a chance to witness the second International Finals of the Tata Crucible edition.Probably the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon - attending a high tea at the Taj Mansingh, winning audience prizes and catching up with some old quizzing mates,one could not ask for more.

The first two rounds of the quiz saw IIM L , National University of Singapore,University of Oxford and IIM L racing each other for top honours,however the next two rounds saw amazing answering from team IMT G to surge ahead of all the teams.According to my views they answered some of the toughest questions of the quiz.

However as fate played it's part IMT G messed up on an easy question of the last round and lost ten points thus effectively putting them out of contention and as ones loss would be others gain IIM L pressed the buzzer for the five pointer and got it correctly, and hence becoming the new International Champions.

On the whole the quiz cud have been a lot more tougher,but what i get to read from the National finals review i think International finals was a much better show.

Questions from the quiz follow : -
1.Originally designed in 1889 by Benjamin Franklin for the Army soldiers,they were first made commercially availalble as Lister's Towel in the year 1896,What?
Sanitory Napkins

2.InGen (International Genetic Technologies, Incorporated) is a company.The company is based in Palo Alto, California, and has one location in Europe. Nevertheless, most of InGen's research took place on both the islands of Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar.What is so famous about this company.
They brought back the Dinosaurs in the film Jurassic Park

3.This term was coined by the Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge, primary reasons for its occurrence are: due to conflict (or wars), lack of opportunity, political instability, and health risks. It’s the biggest challenge for any developing country.
Reverse Brain Drain 

4.What is the Greater fool's theory
There will always be a buyer at a higher price,and thus the buyer convinces himself to buy the product at a high price

5.August 1967 Wimbledon center court held a tournament involving 8 professional players at the center court to mark the introduction of something during that period,what?
First Color television

Clue Round

This term was coined be Ragnar Frisch in 1939 - Macro Economics

Started in May 17,1792 as the buttonwood agreement - NYSE

John Maynard Smith was awarded the Crawford Prize for his application of this in biology. - Game theory
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