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Quizon - 11

Dear Bizdom readers,
A whole new set of 10 questions have been put here, kindly send your reply to 

1- In 60’s when a great movement was just began, AMUL came up with something different which led to an uproar & then on what significant change happened at AMUL? This person may help you out.

2- Each bottle of which alcoholic brand bears a stamp of its originating country to ensure that each bottle is “truly ________in spirit & authenticity”? The founder of that brand is shown below.

3- Which scheme came into picture when two Indian banks got failed in 60’s, while at that time India was the only second country to introduce that scheme, first was the United States. Which scheme I am talking about? (Hint: - The picture tells about the time when it was implemented in United States)

4- On 23/8/95, then West Bengal’s Chief Minister Jyoti Basu made a very important call. What’s the significance of this call? (Hint: - A picture below)

5- He was a shopkeeper’s son, migrated to Kolkata at 13 with few hundred bucks. He started as a shop assistant & opened his first office in 1958. Today his customers are Unilever, P&G, GCMMF, CCD, Big Bazaar etc. what he started? (Hint: - Logo of his Company)

6- Identify the advertisement which is shown here?

7- Whose logo is depicted here?

8- Name the advertiser. (Hint: - While a Picture on the left may give you some useful insight)

9- Who is this gentleman? Think: - Social Business, earlier he was with Barclay’s

10- In the past this Company had changed its name in believe that their sponsored team will win the FIFA world Cup - 2006. This time they are changing their packaging again to a red & white wrapper which is inspired by a Country’s flag. What I am talking about?

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