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Pfizer - Company history

(Charles Erhart Above and Charles Pfizer below)

A year after his arrival in New York from Germany in 1848, a chemist Charles Pfizer along with his cousin, Charles Erhart confectioner, based in Brooklyn found a company. Pfizer and Company Inc.., A company specializing in chemicals, including tartar, borax and camphor refined. The first drug substance manufactured by the company, santonin, was used as an anthelmintic.

During the Second World War a drug used to treat infections was in great demand and was in dire need. In 1928, in London, Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. But without a method to synthesize large quantities, it remained a mere laboratory curiosity.In 1942, Pfizer leveraged its expertise in fermentation to become the first to achieve mass production of this drug. Shortly after landing in Normandy, it became the panacea to cure the Allied forces and the world was propelled into the era of modern medicine.
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