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US Bans Pamela?

Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson has once again hit the news for her raunchy acts. Afeaturing Pamela Anderson was recently banned by the American Airports for its “obscenity”.

In the ad which revolves around the idea – cruelty doesn’t fly – features Pamela as a security official at an airport.

Pamela is half dressed in an blue uniform unbuttoned shirt, suggestively making gestures with a baton and forcefully stripping a bare-chested half-naked youth (thankfully, wearing undergarments). The camera pans to a board that says no leather, no animal fur etc.

Due to be shown at three New York City’s airports, the PETA bosses pulled the plug over fears that the racy film will offend passengers with young children.

Thus far the Indian passengers would have left the Airport if this would have been aired in India, which would have been followed with the arrival of our ‘moral police’, breaking the airport glasses, windows, people and everything. But wait the ad doesn’t end here.

She continues with her frenzy acts by throwing the guy in such a manner that he almost looses the last piece of clothing on his body. She continues this with some more passengers and the ad only gets more senseless and explicit.

It ends with the youth (the guy who was thrown ‘almost-naked’ by Pamela) appearing with a nude African-American female and makes out in the airport.

the whole ad reminds me off a bull ripping of a red cloth waved at it......
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