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Tata Crucible Corporate Delhi 2009

1.Which newscaster found Sage publications

Tejeshwar Singh

2.Which global bank has a training programme for its employees named Explore for graduates,Ascent for middle level,Summit for top level.


3.Adina’s Deck,Odd girl out and shredderman rules create awareness about which internet phenomenon normally seen in schools colleges

Cyber Bullying/Ragging

4.Grammy award winner owns restaurant Destino,Southern hospitality and tequila brand 901?

Justin Timberlake

5.Identity and violence – The illusion of destiny Name the author

Amartya Sen

6.Awards in sundance film festival named after which management guru

Alfred Sloan

7.Economist motto

8.Lowel & Roy speers found American television network and were forced to sell can openers on radio

Home Shopping network.

9.Airlines means united in English,has diamond,coral and pearl zone


10.Logo – Anheusieur Busch

11.Topps owns bubble gum packaged in in red white and blue color scheme and includes comic strips with each gum

Bazooka is largest manufacturing of steel is a government of india initiative.Based in Kolkata.more hints given on the screen unable to capture here

Balmer & Lawrie

13.Creativity technique popularized by Alex Osborne in the book applied imagination.


14.See that blimp in the sky – ad campaign by which tyre company to spread awareness that it is different from goodyear,essentially done because it rhymed or sounded like goodyear.


15.Bernie Ecclestone – Pic

16.IRCTC & Cox Kings started Royal Indian tours,it has to its credit which super brand luxury train

Maharaja Railways

17.Harry Truman quote “ its _____ when your neighbor loses his job,but it’s _______ when you lose you job

18.A space modeled on facebook is a social networking site facebook is for which elusive category of people.


19.Go Humans Go launched by a food major extol ling the virtues of which food major.hint given breakfast company

Quaker oats

20.Jukari fit workout concept in association with Cirque di soireli from which company


21.Dead on time – political thriller by which London based Indian economist

Lord Meghnath desai

22.Who is the chairman of finsbury foods and is a governer of LSE.his name is found in the company called ____&_____ advertising


23 .ad


25 oops I seemed to have missed one Q

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