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The origin of BiZdOm blog traces back to 22nd January 2006. The blog started as a time pass activity for its founder members with few and spaced out posts with sparse numbers of visitors. The initial years consisted of postings on business trivia and brand history along with the Quiz questions. From here a time came when authors of the blog got jaded with the monotony of postings and the blog became direction less to such an extent that there was a thought of brining an end to this ordeal .
However better sense prevailed due to the urge given by our readers. Such was the encouragement provided that today not only we stand rejuvenated but also we took a step forward by combining new synergies of our authors.

Today BiZdOm blog (and we TeaM BiZdOM) has renovated from being just-a-quiz-blog to a-pure-business and news-trivia-blog and now into a source of content based solutions for the knowledge domain. The present assortment of services range from offering research for quizzes, resource for entrance examinations, learning based project for students and professionals.

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