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Microsoft published the source code for MS-DOS and Word for Windows

Microsoft has decided to make the source code of the legendary MS-DOS and Word for Windows available to all users. The company has committed the code to the Computer History Museum and institution has given permission for anyone to access the material. Microsoft decided to acquire the company developed by Seattle Computer Products as a basis for what became MS-DOS system. The company spent much of its resources to the development of the system, as recognized by Bill Gates after his own success. "For over a year, 35 of the 100 employees at Microsoft devoted all his time (and a lot of overtime) with IBM in developing the project," said Bill Gates in an interview with PC Magazines.

Following the success of MS-DOS, Microsoft Word development, your word processor. The first version of Word was launched in 1983. However, the real boom came in Word 1989, when Word for Windows was released. The word processor became a huge success, becoming one of the star products of the company.
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