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Sunday's History Class!!!

क्या आपने आज तक पे आंदोलन का एपिसोड देखा?
ज़रूर देखियागा, ख़ासकर अगर आप को JP ले बारे मे और जाना है 

JP was a true legend, he made Vinoba Bhave’s Sarvodaya movement a great sucess, he tamed Naxals, Chambal's dacoits surrendering in 1972, responding to his appeal and above all he led FIRST PEOPLE's movement, total revolution.

Did you know?

1. He never wanted to lead the student movement, afterall he had seen a lot of such efforts and his own health was deteriorating. One day, Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' met him and tried to convinced him and told him and he will visit Tirupati to pray for his health. And, he did the by saying that rest of his life be given to JP to lead the movement. He soon died, in the house of Ramnath Goenka, thus forcing JP to re-consider his decision.

2.  This poem by Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' got the iconic status due to 'total revolution'.
सदियों की ठंढी-बुझी राख सुगबुगा उठी,
मिट्टी सोने का ताज पहन इठलाती है;
दो राह,समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो,
सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है।

3. Later when the Janta Party was broken and the government was changed, Atalji wrote a poem about the events:
क्षमा करो बापू! तुम हमको,
बचन भंग के हम अपराधी,
राजघाट को किया अपावन,
मंज़िल भूले, यात्रा आधी।

जयप्रकाश जी! रखो भरोसा,
टूटे सपनों को जोड़ेंगे।
चिताभस्म की चिंगारी से,
अन्धकार के गढ़ तोड़ेंगे।
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