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Roy's Quizzing Baatein Part-2

Q1. 'Teesri Manzil' in the history of film music used a musical instrument for the first time. Which instrument and for which song ?

Q2. This cousin of Hanuman was a great musician and invented a musical instrument which is still in existence in parts of a northern Indian state where he was said to have been married. Name this cousin of Bajrang and the musical instrument he devised. Clue ? He is considered as an exceptionally learned and wise person in another religion other than Hinduism.

Q3. In which temple, the idol of the deity has one of its four faces bearded and the other three clean shaven ? there are not many temples of this god as principle deity.

Q4. Historically, the coins issued by Indian royal dynasties contained pictures of gods / royal emblem on one side and the name / image of the king who issued it and his other personal details on the other. No information used to be there on the royal queens. One Indian royalty however made it a point to always mention the name of the principal queen also along with the king on the coin face. This is unique example of no gender bias in royal families. Which dynasty ?

Q5. This famous brand is distinct by a four digit number which is present in all its major products at very strategic place, being a very important statistics of a famous geographical object. This was a favorite of Satyajit Ray who always used this brand for one of his many creative activities. What am I talking about ? More clue ? well, coming to cricket, we can cryptically say that the spin puncher is making good business of it .... . Now this clue is a giveaway.

1. Ans : Electronic Organ was introduced for the first time in film music ( RD Burman ) in the song 'O mere sona re ..'
2. Ans : 'Ravana', the Rakshasa King of Lanka and the stringed instrument 'Ravanhatta'. Ravana's paternal great grandfather was Hanumana's maternal great grandfather.Ravana was stateed to have been married to mandodari at Manesar in Rajasthan.In 'Buddhism', Ravan is held in high esteem. Buddhist scripture 'Lankaswra Sutra' is a proof.
3. Ans : At the Carambolin temple for Brahma in Goa
4. Ans : Tripura's Deb Burman royal dynasty
5. Ans : Mont Blanc pens. The nibs of these pens has the number 4810 which is the height of Mont Blanc, the highest Alpine peak of Europe. Ray was known to have used one particular golden nib model of Mont Blanc for his literary writings. coming to the giveaway clue, yesteryear's cricketer Dilip Doshi's company Entrack is the indian distributor for Mont Blanc pens in India. Dilip Doshi's autobiography is titled 'spin punch'.
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