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QuiZZInG for Beginner (QFB) By Srishti Jain Part -4

1. Which Indian entrepreneur is the latest to join the likes of
Shahrukh Khan, Azim Premji, Narayan Murthy for having run the closing bell at Nasdaq, the US technology bourse?
2. Under what brand name were Toyota cars sold before 1973?
3. Which company’s overtaking by Google has strengthened its holdings in the mobile business?
4. Which company makes $1 million in royalties for the commercial use of the song “Happy Birthday” as its own copyright?
5. Which two companies will co-develop and co-brand a line of bakery products that will be sold exclusively at Big Bazaar stores in the first instant of such a partnership in the country?
6. Skype acquired which group messaging start up, started at a New York hackathon, and raised $10.6million funds in January 2011?
7. Which fund has been launched by IIM A in collaboration with the Ministry of Renewable Energy, Technology Development Board and British Petroleum with an estimated fund size of Rs. 100 crore?
8. Which country recently overtook India as the world’s largest destination for voice based BPO?
9. Which UK firm has overtaken Wipro Consumer Care for the first time in the Rs. 8800 crore Indian soap market, as its germ fighter Dettol emerged the third largest soap brand in the country?
10. Where was Siggraph 2011, conference for gaming specialists and artists held?
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