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QuiZZInG for Beginner (QFB) By Srishti Jain Part -2

1. The title “Father of Silicon Valley” is often given to a gentleman named FREDERICK TERMAN.What did he do to deserve that moniker?
2. “Don’t be Evil” is the corporate motto of which Silicon Valley company?
3. The financial problems encountered by Stanford University in the 1950s were partly responsible for the start of the Silicon Valley. How?
4. Several famous Silicon Valley companies started from a garage. Which company started from a garage in 367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto?
5. What is the contribution of the journalist named Don Hoefler to Silicon Valley?
6. At the turn of 20th century, the area now called as Silicon Valley was an agriculturally rich region known for fruit orchards of apricots and walnuts. What was the nickname of this area?
7. Silicon valley has produced several clones around the world including our own Bangalore. Tell me where would you find Silicon Glen?
8. Which region around Boston rivals Silicon Valley with its concentration of electronics firms?
9. Apple was formed when two prank loving College dropouts’ named Steve Jobs and Woziniak created computer circuit boards in a garage in Cupertino, Silicon valley. They sold the boards in a local computer store. What name did they give to the product?
10. Which silicon Valley company was founded by a French born Iranian computer programmer Pierre Omidyar
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