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Mind Game: Archive::QM:- Sudhindra Duvvuri Part-1

1. Explain what happens next.

2. Identify the "great" man.

3. The name of which South Indian Brahmin community comes from the Telugu words meaning "father or sire" and "ji" ?

4. Before Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha, he underwent through a lot of cycles of births and deaths and was known as the ___________ . These lives are captured in the Pali cannon as the _________ _______ .

5. X was a kid when he went to a temple and saw a mouse eating the prasad offered to the idol. He wondered if an idol that couldn't defend itself was worth being prayed to and was severely rebuked upon putting this Q to the elders. Growing older, he denounced idol worship and set up Y.
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