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Tata Crucible 2010 Kolkata round prelims questions

Contributed by our reader Mr. Subrata dass

1) Quotation ..cannot remember the exact one but something similar to " We dont buy when the market is at the lowest of low and sell when it is at highest of the high" Hint given Jewish family famous in the world of Finances

2)What was formed in Calcutta on October 7th 1950 with a starting amount of 5 rupees some paisa ....Headed since 1990 by Mary Nirmala and since 2009 by Mary Prema

3) Beer brand in Canada which has designed its bottle using heat sensitive ink such that the color of the mountatins on its label changes color with temperature

4) Which Financial instrument means "Free from care " in Latin

5)Giirgio Armani designed the clothing specially for whom in the 1980 movie American Gigolo

6)What personal belonging did Amartya Sen donate to the Nobel Museum : Hint Election Party Symbol in India

7)Which fictional character drives a rolls royce with the number plate AU-1

8)Josephine Cochrane designed the first dish washer . However the company she founded was taken over by which famous electric appliances Giant

9) Which sporting company owns the line Nuala by Cristy Turlington

10) Which famous comic character in the Thimble Theater Comic strip is owned by Kings Feature Syndicate

11)In 1869, a group of bankers and investors including Adrien Delahante, Edmond Joubert and Henri Cernuschi founded the Banque de Paris, with its headquarters near the Opera at 3 rue d'Antin, Paris. how do we know it today

12)Which magazine comes out with a list of 2000 companies every year based on four parameter sales, profits, assets and market value

13)Famous Academician and statistician founded an institute in the eastern parts of India

14) Who was the official timekeeper of Fifa WC 2010

15)International non-governmental organization founded by Peter Eigen fighting corruption and trying to raise public awareness of it

16)He studied at Campion School, Mumbai, The Doon School, India, and Harvard University, U.S.. He did his MBA from Stanford University, U.S. in 2001 and went on to work as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He also gained some development experience with the UN Economic Development Cell. He interned with the UN Economic Development Cell.Name him

17)Some question about a professor who cared about trees

18)In austria a novel initiative has been started by Telekom where a network of 1500 phone booths will be used for some purpose . What

19)Anand kumar from bihar was granted admission to Cambridge University in Mathematics , but could not attend due to financial constraints . What is the name of the institution formed by him

20 ) Where is the Ferarri World located

Abu-Dhabi ( This answer I knew solely due to Bizdom ..thanks )

21)Picture of Cyrus Poonawala

22) Picture of Anurag Dikshit ( Indian business creator of worlds biggest poker side)

23) Logo of RBS

24) Poster of Badmash Company . Who is producer

23) Ad of Mastercard with some mannequin wearing a Necklace

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