Brand Update

Desi Brand

The GuestQuiZMAster (GQM): Souvik Basu

ABout the QuiZmaster: An enthusiastic quizzer and a part-time quizmaster
1. A sitter to start with. Identify this 'forcefully competitive' person.

2. A few days ago Volkswagen came out with the audio print ad in 'The Times of India' & 'The Hindu' for Volkswagen Vento. Which agency was behind this campaign?

3. Whose logo is this?

4. Founded in 1942, its purpose is 'to provide for the safekeeping and administration of movable and immovable property transferred to entrusted to it by physical or juridical persons and intended for works of religion or charity'. Any profit it makes does not go to shareholders, which in any case do not exist, but is used instead for religious and charitable purposes. Currently in the news, what is being described?

5. The subtitle of this book is 'The Power of Thinking without Thinking'. Which book is this?
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