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Delhi University Television Network

Delhi University is ready to get its very own TV channel called the Delhi University Television Network (DUTN), the channel will start as an Internet based TV network and be made available to 10 colleges in North Campus. The channel will air live college events in colleges such as sports matches, and even fresher parties, apart from regular news and other shows.

In 2007, DU started a community radio station - DU 90.4 FM, at the School of Open Learning located in the north campus of the varsity. The broadcast range is restricted to a radius of 10 km and. The radio broadcasts community-related programs as well as those dealing with students' issues.

In US, Open Student Telecast Network (OSTN) is the first and only 24/7 global television network devoted to student-produced programming. OSTN's mission is to provide opportunities for students through resources, community, exposure, and experience. Over 100 student television stations, broadcast journalism, and film departments contributes high-quality video programming to OSTN.
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