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ET in Campus 2009 - Pune Chapter

Hi one n all,
here is the latest update for u about ET Quiz.

Around 65 teams battled through the quiz and ultimately 6 teams made it to the final. Teams are from VAMNICOM(me n my new team mate), SCMHRD, SIMS, Singhad Inst. of Engg., SIIB, Symbiosis Law college.

Few Qs from Prelims:-

1. How do we better know Brad’s drink?
2. Chemist Roy J Plunkett created this on 6th April, 1938 while researching on refrigerants at DuPont. What did he create?
3. Which mobile services company launched “SAMBHAV” prepaid card targeting people with hearing & speech disability, to use cell phones?
4. Which hospitality company launched KAYA KALP Asia’s largest spa in Agra?
5. Viewty is a new range of mobile from whom?
6. An ad campaign of XYLO.
7. Prince Awaleed Bin Talal is the first private individual to order what from Airbus?
8. Which organization celebrated 60 years in 2008 has the adline “Chinta Se Mukti”?
9. Which product is being promoted as Absolutely Mangolicious.
10. By what name did Adidas & Samsung launch their fitness focused phone?

Winner:- Singhad Inst. of Engg.
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