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BiZdoM 3 * 3 QuiZ 25

I had been delaying my next BiZDOM 3*3 quiz since I thought, With so many quizzes being posted these days, I don’t know if it’s a right time to post a quiz or not
Nevertheless here goes, another set of BiZDoM 3*3 quiz ( 25th )

Set 1: IndDIAN Politicians
Q1 After passing out from IIT Kharagpur in 1970, he joined IBM in USA. Later in 1990 he came back to join his father's political party and was later appointed as cabinet minister during NDA government?

Q2. According to a famous story, when JP had doubt about the success of Bihar Movement saying that he would not live for long , then this businessman along with famous Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh Dhinkar took him to Tirupati where Dhinkarji prayed to the lord to give the remaining years of his life to JP, after few days Dhinkarji died , thus forcing JP to launch his famous movement, identify the famous businessman /personality who was involved in this incident?
[Qts is based on a very famous personality's article, infact another good qts could be to name him...]

Q3. He was chief manager in the communication department in ONGC, incidentally he was also associated as brand ambassador for the same organisation. His political association is quite old, as he has been campaigning for his father for last 10 years. However this time he will try to win a seat for himself in the coming general election.

Set 2: FasT FooD Culture
Q4. In 1877, Henry D. Seymour and William Heston developed and trademarked a new product, rolled oats. All consumers had to do was add hot water to the rolled oats in order to eat them. Because most Americans did not eat oats at that time, the company decided to launch a major advertising campaign. To promote sales, the company packed its rolled oats in cardboard boxes bearing the reassuring image of an elderly Quaker and promoted their new product via a national advertising campaign in 1882, making it the first cereal to be advertised nationally. What was thus happened?

Q5. These are probably of German origin. Early Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam (later renamed New York) called them olykoeks. They were popular in colonial America but were mainly constructed in solid shapes.

Q6. These are American invention and were associated with leisure-time activities, such as fairs and amusement parks. By 1867, Charles Feltman, a pushcart vendor on Coney Island (an amusement park near New York), was selling sausages on white rolls. They were a success and Feltman converted his cart into a large, formal restaurant eventually employing many waiters.

Q7. Identify

Q8. Replica of which currency

Q9. This character is based on which incident
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