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Tata Crucible Student Quiz Jaipur Edition 2019

1. Creation of Wealth is a book by?

2. Carolyn Davidson designed the logo of which brand?

3. Food delivery company that made an advert for a 10 minute challenge?

4. Analytical question
Name of a media giant
Starbucks logo
Pringles logo
Holiday Inn logo
Answer - CNN

5. Connect question
Sara Lee
Pirojsha Godrej photo
Cinthol advert
Answer - Godrej

6. Pola pharma has a tie up with which Indian pharma company?

7. Visual of Conrad Hilton.

8. RS Computer shoe were created by which company? ~ Puma

9. The ______ Affair is a book about which company?

10. Which airline has a ticker symbol LUV?

11. Courier is a magazine by which organization?

12. Connect
Albert Einstein

~ Apple ads featured them all

13. Brewtober is a new branding by which Tata Venture. ~ Starbucks

Which avenue in New York is named after an ex-President?
Answer - Madison Avenue

15. British publisher Harlequin is founded in 1908. What is so special about it?
Targeted towards women. Romance imprints.

16. Analytical question
Burger king
Answer -Mars

17. Analytical question
Answer - WET

18. The ___ list contains 2000 tax evaders of HSBC bank's Geneva branch. Named after which French minister?

19. Who owns the trademark to Scotch Brite?

20. Flying Blue is frequent flier program by KLM and which other airline?

21. "Get ready for knockout session" - ad featuring Mary Kom by Tata Group. For which event?

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